Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Guidelines for Preparing your Poster Session
Posters are not eligible for Proceedings Submission

The following are some suggestions to guide you through preparing a successful poster session.

  1. Get a regular, neutral poster board or display board
  2. Divide the contents of your poster into separate sections: project title, author(s), contact number(s), abstract, methodology, data, results, conclusion, and references. 
  3. Use larger than 20-size fonts lettering for the title, and avoid using difficult-to-read font types.
  4. Be concise with your report and focus on a central finding that attracts further discussion on the topic.
  5. Use graphs, charts, tables, photos, or other visuals to make your poster look interesting.
  6. Bring your notepad with you in case you want to take notes of feedback from people interested in your research.
  7. Presenters should begin displaying their posters in the morning before conference begins so that participants have time to see it throughout the course of the conference. 
  8. Presenters are required to remain with their poster during the poster session.
  9. Provide copies of your paper or handout at your table for viewers to take.
  10. Enjoy your poster session!

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