Monday, May 21, 2012

Guidelines for Full Paper Submission

Accepted papers may be considered for the TransCon 2012 Proceedings

Please submit full papers by June 4, 2012 to 

Guidelines for Authors

The manuscripts must have a title (12-15 words), abstract (150 words or less), key words (max. 4 words), and a bibliography list of relevant references used in the discussion.

The manuscripts must bear the original abstract title sent by the authors and printed on the conference programme booklet, and the original content presented at the conference. The committee will not consider reviewing different titles of manuscripts.

The manuscripts should be a minimum of 4 pages and maximum of 10 pages. No exception.

The order of manuscript sections: title-abstract-key words-introduction, theoretical background-research methodology-results-conclusion-references.

Format:  1.      Page size: A4
               2.      Margins: 2.5 cm (left, right, top, and bottom)
               3.      Line space: 1.5
               4.      Font type: 11’ Times New Roman
               5.      Title of the manuscript: bold-faced-centered
               6.      Author name(s) : normal-centered
               7.      Author affiliation(s): normal-centered
               8.      Author e-mail address(es): italic

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